Grundfos is one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers, and the largest in the world within the field of circulation pumps.


Automatic display packaging of pumps with subsequent robot palletizing.

The line capacity is 15 cases per min.

Functional description

The task was to replace an existing Wrap Around (WA), and Grundfos wanted a solution with very high reliability and fast set-up times. At the same time, it should be a very operator-friendly solution.

Sealing System chose a Meurer CM/TP 25-B 400, which satisfies all the requirements from Grundfos. The machine is built with a Balkery design that provides a very open and easily accessible machine.

In order to meet the requirements for short set-up times, the machine was equipped with servo motors on all changeover spindles. A complete changeover of the format can be done in 1 ½ min by one operator! An operator display makes it easy for the operator to understand all features and informs the operator of any errors, while offering an explanation of the corrective actions.

Subsequently, we have installed an Okura A700 robot palletizer and associated sheet magazine. The robot palletizes the finished cases with pumps on pallets and attaches sheets between the layers.

Complete conveying system is manufactured by Sealing System.