Grundfos is one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers, and the largest in the world within the field of circulation pumps.


Automatic Wrap Around display packaging of pumps and subsequent robot palletizing.

The line capacity is 15 pumps per min.

Functional description

The task was to replace existing Wrap Around (WA) equipment and a tray erector. Grundfos wanted a solution with very high reliability and fast set-up times. At the same time, it should be a very operator-friendly solution.

An operator display makes it easy for the operator to understand all features and informs the operator of any errors, while offering an explanation of the corrective actions.

The first process on the line is a tray erector. A Meurer CM/TA 400 tray erector erects  an inlay, which in placed in a palette where the pump is placed manually. The pumps are then automatically transported to a Meurer CM/TP 25-B 400 Wrap Around machine, where the inlay with the pump is pushed out of the palette. The pumps are then packed in WA carton. The case is labelled and turned around before it arrives at the two manual packing stations, where operators place the other components in the case.

The lid is closed automatically before the case runs through a vision plant.

The case is palletized using an Okura A-1200 robot.
All components in the palletizing cell are produced by Sealing System.