Case erectors

Lantech’s case erectors are without question some of the most reliable and dependable case erectors – also known as carton erectors – on the market.

Lantech’s case erectors (or carton erectors) erect and form cases from standard flat sheet blanks (FEFCO 0200/0201) The case erector’s unique design was originally developed in close collaboration with leading carton manufacturers. Over the years, there has been a natural development of the technology, but the original concept remains at the core of the machine. One of the great benefits of this system is the “vacuum frame” which picks up the sheet blank from the magazine, and which during transportation and opening of the blank has a solid grip on both the end and side of the carton. This ensures that the corner held by the frame will always be at a 100% straight angle.

Today, the quality of the finished carton is more important than ever, as cartons are increasingly used in fully automatic packing lines. Lantech’s case erector offers several options for sealing the bottom, including by tape, hot-melt, flip-up or auto-lock.

The models in Lantech’s C-1000 series are all made to order. They are customized to match each customer’s requirements, and since there is an almost endless list of available options, it is possible to accommodate even quite unique requirements.