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VPG – Vital Petfood Group

Complete packaging line with robot palletizing


Sealing System has custom-designed and developed a number of solutions for VPG for packaging and palletizing animal feed in sacks.

All conveyors for bags, sacks and pallet transportation have been manufactured by Sealing System A/S.

  • Sack palletizing
  • Display cartons
  • Robot tool for sacks

VPGShort description

VPG is the largest producer of animal feed in Scandinavia and one of the largest suppliers on the European market. As VPG manufactures its own products, efficient and effective production processes are paramount.

The solution

The solution

We have chosen three of the supplied solutions for this video:

A solution for packing and palletizing bags of animal feed in ¼ pallet display cartons
Two Okura A-1600 robots pack 1/4 pallet display cartons with four bags of animal feed and place them on EUR pallets. After palletizing, the pallets are conveyed to the wraparound and labeling stations.

Carton palletizing from two different packaging lines
The cartons arrive from two packing lines where they are palletized by an Okura A-1600 palletizing robot. Subsequently, the pallets are conveyed for wrapping and labeling.

Carton palletizing on quarter pallets
An Okura A-1600 palletizes cartons on quarter pallets which are then conveyed for wraparound and labeling.

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Packing and palletizing machines can be integrated in various intelligent packaging solutions. See more solutions in our Cases section.

We have made an animation of “The product's path through the packaging line" to illustrate the various functions that may be included in our intelligent packaging solutions.

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