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Danish Bottling

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Sealing System has delivered, installed and integrated a complete packaging and palletizing solution at Danish Bottling. Workflows have been automated and streamlined.

Short description

Danish Bottling is a major player in the manufacture of soft drinks. Beverages are produced in large quantities and with great variation, e.g. soft drinks, energy drinks, mineral water, private label and flavored water - for the Danish and the European market.

Previous production

The old production plant

Parts of the previous production was based on manual work, and only part of the production had already been automated.

Why Danish Bottling needed a new solution

Danish Bottling would like to increase capacity at the same place with the same staff. The old equipment had reached its max capacity. Danish Bottling has many different products and bottle sizes. The changeover of product types was time consuming as it required a changeover of the tools.

The company wanted to streamline production to be able to produce more products and increase capacity. A higher capacity at the same place and with the same staff would mean a greater profit per unit. So, the goal was to run more products through the system - and save money at the same time!

The solution

The new packaging and palletizing solution

The solution for Danish Bottling consists of two packing and palletizing lines. A palletizer and a robot solution for packing and palletizing ½, 1 and 2-l disposable bottles.

Palletizer solution

One line consists of Sealing System’s own Ip-4 Greenline - a fully automatic palletizer able to palletize large quantities at high speed. This version has two inlets. It can palletize from two packing lines and for two different pallets via a transfer trolley. The palletizer has a throughput of 21,000 ½-l bottles per hour. The solution includes a transfer trolley and pallet conveyors. The pallets run on conveyors with built-in buffering space.

Green profile - the palletizer is driven by servo motors instead of compressed air, which saves on energy consumption.

Robot handling and palletizing

This line consists of a product conveyor, a tray erector that erects the trays in which the bottles are packed, and a KUKA handling robot with vacuum robot tools. The bottles are then passed through the shrink film machine (sleeve wrapping) and product labeled. A KUKA palletizing robot with a sliding hand robot tool palletizes the trays on quarter pallets or full pallets. The pallets are then conveyed to a stretch wrapper on pallet conveyors.

Result and customer satisfaction

The result of the new packaging and palletizing solution

  • Capacity has doubled. Twice as many products run through the new solution.
  • Significantly faster changeover between product types. Changeover of production is significantly faster than before, when a changeover would take between 30 and 60 minutes. Today, the changeover is a simple push of a button, which may also be used to adjust other settings such as the side guides, for stance.
  • Transfer trolley. Pallet conveyors and transfer trolleys minimize truck driving.
  • Buffer conveyors. Buffer capacity has been integrated on the line’s product and pallet conveyors to avoid halts in production.
  • Higher degree of automation.
  • Energy saving / green profile. Servo motors result in energy savings.

Customer satisfaction

A good and intelligent solution and nothing like the solution the customer had in mind from the start.

Going for greener profile was a logical move, and the servo motors use less power than a traditional pneumatically driven system. It also means that the spare parts last longer.

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