Cobot: Collaborative Robot

Robot in close collaboration with people

A “COBOT” is the latest addition to Sealing System’s product range. It is a Collaborative Robot from Aubo Robotics – a new generation of robots characterised by agility and flexibility and by being able to work closely with people since they are approved for operation without safety fencing.

Flexibility and a high level of precision

A Cobot can free up manpower or assist employees with monotonous and strenuous tasks. With great variation in mobility, the Cobot can perform repetitive movements with a high level of precision. Therefore, it is particularly well-suited for pick and place, handling and palletizing tasks.

Simple programming with ”teach function”

The Cobot also comes with a “teach” function, where every position can be manually set by placing the robotic arm in the desired position. This makes the robot very user friendly to operate for the individual employee, as it does not require extensive programming knowledge.

We offer the possibility to purchase or rent. 
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Six-axis robot

Four sizes, which can lift 3, 5, 7 and 10 kg

Other features:

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  • Can be installed in a normal 230 v plug
  • The robot comes with CE marking
  • Reach from 625 mm to 1350 mm.
  • Can work closely with people
  • Up to 5 cycles per minutes, without safety fencing
  • Easy to program using the “teach” function
  • Own intuitive software