Distributor of Okura robots in Scandinavia

Sealing System has been appointed distributor of Okura robots in Scandinavia and strengthens its position in complete packing lines and packing equipment.

Effective from 1 July 2016, Sealing System A/S has been appointed distributor of Okura robots in Scandinavia. At the same time, the company is extending its presence in Norway, Sweden, and Finland, where an increasing number of companies are opting for packing lines supplied by Sealing System. Quite often, the final handling involves robot palletizing.

From semi-automatic to complete automatic packing lines
The Danish company Sealing System offers solutions ranging from semi-automatic packing machines to complete, fully automatic filling and packing lines. Sealing System supplies both vertical and horizontal packing lines: From filling and case erection to packing, robot palletizing and stretch wrapping. The company serves customers from both the food industry and from a variety of other sectors.

Distributor of Okura since 2003
Sealing System distributes and manufactures machines and equipment used for complete packing systems. The company has been the distributor of Okura robots in Denmark since 2003, with these products forming a natural part of the palletizing cells. Sealing System will now also be stocking individual robots and spare parts.

Okura is a Japanese company which has been specializing in logistics and palletizing solutions since 1940. As part of its product range, Okura manufactures a series of robots specially designed for palletizing and depalletizing jobs. Because the series is dedicated to palletizing jobs, the robots are installed quickly and are very easy to operate via the so-called Oxpa control software.

From concept and project management to installation and service
The distribution of Okura robots will strengthen the company’s position on the Scandinavian market, which will be extended with distribution networks in Sweden and Finland. Here, the dealers must be able to supply equipment from Sealing System’s entire product range – from stand-alone machines to complete packing systems with pre-sale consultancy, concept development, installation and after-sales service.

Own office in Norway ensures closeness to customers
”The Norwegian market is Sealing System’s most important export market, which is why we are currently working on setting up our own office in Norway, to be staffed with Norwegian sales representatives and technicians,” says sales manager Kjeld Østergaard Jensen.

Sealing System also supplies conveyor systems and controls
The integration of machines and logistics, including all the conveyor systems for case transporting and elevators, is also provided by Sealing System, who assumes total responsibility for the project: From layout design over project management to delivery of the turnkey installation.