New leak detector prevents food waste

Ishida launches a revolutionary detector
Ishida Europe has launched a revolutionary new leak detector which will help food producers minimize waste from pre-packaged retail trade products.

Ishida AirScan, which is designed for use with a broad range of food products, including fresh, cooked and preserved meats, poultry, fish and shellfish, salads, cheese and convenience food, uses advanced laser technology to detect CO2 packaging leaks from holes down to the size of 0.5 mm in airtight Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) at throughput speeds of up to 180 packages per minute. It is designed for easy integration into existing assembly line production set-ups.

Retailers and suppliers under pressure
“Retailers and suppliers are under pressure to minimize food waste, and packaging leaks are the cause of nearly 500,000 tons of food waste from the annual production,” says Steve Jones, Ishida Europe’s marketing director.

“Damaged packaging can cause bacterial decay, shorter shelf life and burdensome increases of complaints and product returns. All of this may in turn lead to higher production costs, loss of brand image and reputation, and an increasing risk of incurring penalty fines.

100% identification of C02 leaks
The new Ishida AirScan system offers fast, 100% reliable, and completely non-destructive identification of C02 leaks. It is designed to be hugely efficient in high-paced production environments, meaning that maximum quality can be accomplished without compromising on high production speeds and minimized packing times.

By maintaining the optimum addition of gas to each package, the leak detector ensures a consistent product quality and enables fast identification and correction of problems. It also reduces the amount of scrapped packaging, while the non-destructive testing process at the same time ensures that the product can be repacked.