Okura Ai700

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Okura Ai700
Ai700 is a palletizing robot for production lines with a maximum of 700 incoming items to the robot per hour. If the set-up permits handling of more than one item per lift operation, the robot’s capacity will increase accordingly.

These robots are able to palletize e.g. cases, sacks, bottles, cartons, trays, items, etc.

User function
The robot comes with the Oxpa control software which generally controls the processes. The software has a highly logical design, and it also allows the operators who work with the robot on a daily basis to feed a new product or pattern into the robot.

An in-depth training program for operators is included with the product.

The latest generation of Okura robots have built-in safety features.

The ALC (Area Limit Control) system makes it possible to define a safety zone, and to further subdivide this area into 8 different individual safety zones.

ThroughputApprox. 700 cycles/hour. Product-dependent.
Max. weight (item + hand)140 kg (optionally: 160 kg with counter-weight)
Maximum reach3,079 mm
Vertical reach3,085 mm
Accuracy+/- 1 mm
ProgrammingPC, PTP Teaching – Oxpa software
Robot weight1,335 kg
Ambient temperature0° – 40°C
Humidity35% – 85%
Sound level75 dBA outside work area

Subject to change without notice