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VarioSeal is a standalone machine for heat-sealing or folding the bag top. The bag may for instance be placed in cardboard cases, plastic crates, meat crates, barrels, etc. The machine is prepared for use in an in-line production setup.

User function:
The machine’s fundamental function is to heat-seal the bag’s top, and possibly remove any excess film. Before the sealing section is activated, the bag is stretched, and may be vacuumized or filled with gas.

If required, the machine can be fitted with an integrated top tape sealing unit for cardboard cases and a checkweigher with a reject conveyor.

ThroughputUp to 14 cases/min. (depending on the case size and chosen technology)
Case, length300-650 mm. Contact us for information on using barrels, etc.
Case, width200 – 450 mm
Case, C-height200-500 mm. Contact us for information on using barrels, etc.
Case typesCardboard, plastic crates, meat trays, etc.
PLCSiemens S7 (if servo technology is chosen, Bosch Rexroth is used instead)
Carton outfeedRight or left side
Machine finishPainted RAL 7011 or stainless steel
OtherThe machine may be adjusted to match other case/crate dimensions than the measurements given below.

Subject to change without notice