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Robot palletizing
AUBO i10 palletizing cobot

Return on investment

A cobot is an easy and cost-effective way to streamline production. It is reliable and it works 24/7. The investment will quickly have paid for itself and at the same time, it provides competitive advantages.

  • Aubo robotpalletering cobot
  • Aubo robotpalletering cobot
  • AUBO robotpalletering
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AUBO palletizing solution

An AUBO palletizing solution is a compact and flexible solution for use in productions with large product variation or low throughput. This palletizing solution consists of an AUBO cobot, which is a collaborative robot able to work in close collaboration with people. It can assist employees with manually performed, monotonous and grueling tasks. Great variation in movement ensures that the cobot can perform repeated movements with high precision. Therefore, it is well-suited for palletizing jobs.

It takes up significantly less space than other solutions and can be integrated without necessarily having to change the existing production line, as the cobot is approved to operate without safety fencing. It can also be quickly reprogrammed, moved and implemented elsewhere in production.

Close collaboration with people

One of the strengths of the cobot is that it can work closely with people without the use of security fencing and therefore ensures a dynamic work process. The cobot can handle up to five products per minute through single picking, without the need of security fencing.

Safer than safe. There is a built-in sensor with a stop function in case of unexpected resistance. Safety assessments are carried out on all projects.

  • aubo robotpalletering cobot
  • aubo robotpalletering cobot

IPS - Intelligent Packaging software

AUBO’s palletizing solution includes our proprietary palletizing software IPS (Intelligent Packaging Software) which makes it easy to make pallet patterns yourself.

The cobot also has a "teach function", where each position can be adjusted manually by placing the robot arm in the desired position. The function makes the robot very user-friendly and does not require advanced programming skills.

The solution may be freestanding and does not need more space than a manual palletizing station.

Robot rental scheme

To make sure that this is the right solution for your business, we give you the opportunity to rent a cobot.

We set up the cobot, run in your products and show you how to make pallet patterns yourself. This way you can test the solution before deciding to invest the full amount. If you choose to buy the solution within a six-month rental period, the rent will be deducted from the sales price.

  • Easy palletizing
  • Flexible
  • Easy and fast changeover
  • Compact solution
  • User-friendly solution
  • Up to five cycles per minute - without safety fences
  • Easy programming of pallet patterns
  • Rental scheme

Can’t live without it

“We contacted Sealing System as our palletizing on one of our lines was performed manually, which resulted in poor working positions for the employee and at the same time we could not achieve the desired capacity on the line.

After dialogue, we chose to rent Sealing Systems' standard cobot palletizing solution, which we could rent risk-free monthly for DKK 10,500.

Sealing System was responsible for implementation and commissioning, and after 2 days the robot ran as promised, and the employee has been given other tasks at the factory while we have achieved the desired capacity.

We quickly found out that we could not live without the robot, and therefore after 6 months we have chosen to buy the robot, additionally we also got the 6 months’ rent back.

The process with Sealing System has been extremely satisfactory, and they keep their promises and deliver the goods.”

Henrik Andersen, Produktionschef - Dava Foods


Range: 1,350 mm
Max palletizing capacity: 5 items / min
Max payload: 10 kg
Max palletizing height: 1,800 mm

  • The cobot comes with IPS – Intelligent Packaging Software

    AUBO robotværktøj cobotværktøj palletering
  • The cobot can quickly be reprogrammed or moved and implemented elsewhere in the production.

    AUBO robotværktøj cobotværktøj palletering
Ergonomisk påfyldning
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FACTSAbout AUBO Robotics

AUBO Robotics develops and manufactures collaborative robots - also known as cobots. Cobots are particularly agile and flexible, and since they are approved for work without a safety guard, they can work closely together with people. Therefore, they also have higher mobility and can easily be implemented in production, just as they are user-friendly and easy to program.

Cobots are especially suitable for production with a high product variation which requires rapid changeover.

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